Langara College Association of Retirees



At or available through Langara College


Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

Langara Faculty Association

Langara People and Culture Department

Council of Senior Citizens Organization (COSCO) ** LCAR is a member

Outside Langara


Association of BC College Pension Plan Retirees (A.B.C.C.P.P.R)

BC Retired Teachers Association (BCRTA)

BC Government Employees Union (BCGEU)

Canada’s Association for the Fifty-Plus (CARP)

Council of Senior Citizens Organization (COSCO) (LCAR is a member)


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Nelson Douglas V. Master your retirement. How to fulfil your dreams with peace of mind. ISBN 987-1-


Retired Teachers of Ontario., Retirement planning RTO_retirement_social_planning_ebook_2020.pdf


BC College Pension Plan

Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

Federal Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income Supplement

Financial/Estate Planners

Municipal Pension Plan

Omololu Enoch. 2021, January 1., 10 financial steps to take before you retire (Pre-retirement checklist).


Pension Solution Canada. Pre-retirement checklist: 25 Important things to consider before you retire.


Smith, Liz. 2019, July 30. Your retirement readiness checklist



BC Ministry of Health

Burton, Jonathan., 2019, August 4., You’re probably not ready to retire – psychologically. Your emotional ‘glide path’ is as important as your financial plan.

Green Shield

Kinsella, Cynthia., Making a positive mental transition to retirement., Visions Journal, 2016, 11 (3),
pp. 31-32.

Medical Service Plan (MSP)

Pacific Blue Cross

Retired Teachers of Ontario (RTO)

Retirement Tips and Tricks. How to mentally prepare for retirement: 21 tips.

Seniors Canada On-line

Seniors’ Health & Wellness Institute website:


BC Retired Teacher Association. Retirement workshops