Langara College Association of Retirees


Casual Retiree Social Gatherings 

Join your former colleagues at one of the periodic agenda-free drop-in gatherings of Langara retirees.

Casual gatherings are scheduled throughout the year. In the spring, summer and early fall, the Langara Golf Clubhouse has always been a great place to meet colleagues and friends, have some lunch or an afternoon beer, and tell stories. 

Between October and April, our gatherings are held at local pubs.

Gatherings will be announced through our email list, our Facebook page and posted here.

The Gala

The Langara Gala was reignited by LCAR in the fall of 2017. It’s a showcase of music and words by Langara retirees. Funds raised through ticket and merchandise sales go to supporting Studio 58. The Gala is scheduled every fall, usually October. The next date will be announced through our email list and our Facebook page.

Look here for a review of our first Gala in The Voice.

Annual Social and General Meeting

Our annual social is typically in the spring and includes the LCAR’s Annual General Meeting. But relax – meetings are typically a few announcements and 15-20 minutes. The rest of the event is conversation fuelled by a spread of food and drink.

Date will be announced through our email list and our Facebook page.

Check out these photos from our 2020 Social and General Meeting.


LCAR hosts workshops throughout the year on retirement, personal health and finances. The workshops are presented free of charge.