Langara College Association of Retirees

Our Constitution

Constitution of the Langara College Association of Retirees (LCAR)


1. The name of the society is the Langara College Association of Retirees (hereinafter, “LCAR”).


2. The purpose of LCAR is to provide opportunities for retirees from Langara College to:

a) Preserve and promote the spirit of friendship, collegiality and professionalism formed while employed at Langara College;

b) Collaborate with the College to identify opportunities for retirees to continue to engage and support the institution, its students, and each other through participation at various College events;

c) Offer support through fundraising for Langara students and/or the Langara College Foundation;

d) Participate in social, recreational, educational and other events of benefit and interest to members;

e) Participate in community volunteer opportunities of interest to members

f) Maintain contact and interaction with other retiree/seniors organizations.