Langara College Association of Retirees

Privacy Policy

Who we are

We are the “Langara College Association of Retirees”, a registered non-profit society in B.C. Our website address is:

How do you use my personal information?

LCAR collects the least amount of personally identifiable information possible so we can maintain contact with you and provide you with access to LCAR resources and benefits. LCAR will not share personally identifiable information with third parties without your explicit approval, unless required to do so by law. 

None of your personal information from your profile is available to the public. Only your name is available to other members. Your email address and other information may be used by the Board for communication. LCAR may need to share some of your personal information with Langara College for the purposes of verifying your retiree status and eligibility for some retiree benefits. 

Can I delete my account and remove all my personal information?

Mostly. You can remove your entire account, name, email address and phone number by selecting “Delete Account” from the Members – Account page. Deleting your account will not unsubscribe you from the Retirees101 listserv. You must send us a specific request to do so. Any postings or comments you have made in a Blog or Forum will be kept but will be tagged as posted by a “Deleted User”.